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Cover for The Call of Cthulhu
Isbn: 978-28-2110-602-4
Publisher: Saga Egmont
Crime & Mystery Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Accessible since: May 2023
Narrator: Steven Shagov
Length: 1 hour 49 minutes


The Call of Cthulhu

One secret. One cult. One cosmic being.

When his uncle dies, it’s up to Francis Wayland Thurston to finally uncover the family secret. For too long, recounts of dreams becoming reality had cast a sombre shadow over the family. And it seems these dreams didn’t die with the uncle.

But when Francis discovers hidden notes of a mysterious cult, the truth turns darker than anyone could have ever imagined. A monster is on the rise. But one that is worshipped by those touched by evil, rather than feared. Can Francis break the curse and save those around him? Or will the curse and cult break him?

Weaving a dark and chilling tale, H. P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ remains one of the earliest examples of cosmic horror literature. Leaving a rip-roaring influence on the likes of Stephen King, ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ is the perfect tale for fans of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’.

Howard Philips Lovecraft (1890-1937) was an American writer of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. Virtually unknown and only published in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, he is now regarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors in his genre.

Lovecraft achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror fiction, particularly ‘The Call of Cthulhu’, which influenced writers such as Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Bentley Little, Joe R. and Lansdale Alan Moore.

Beyond direct adaptation, Lovecraft and his stories have had a profound impact on popular culture, from rock and heavy metal music to the tabletop board game ‘Call of Cthulhu’.

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